Top Ten Guilty Pleasures

good suggestion s I do the same things.

The Happy Minimalist Girl

Hey there my lovelies! Today we’re talking all about my top ten guilty pleasures. I have never been one to spend money fruitlessly, but there are somethings I do to treat myself. It’s never good to get so caught up in life that you forget to take time for yourself or your stress will bubble over in an unhealthy way. Let’s get started 🙂



One of my favorite guilty pleasures is getting my nails done. It helps me feel more put together and even if I’m wearing a lazy day outfit as long as my nails are done I feel good. Getting your nails done can get kinda pricy, which is why I consider it a guilty pleasure. Getting my nails done can range anywhere from $35 to $50 but like I said it helps me feel more cleaned up.  I mostly go for neutral colors…

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Getting to Know You

I can.t tell anybody how to both.  However I can tell you about what I am for and a little about what stresses me.  I think Donald Trump is a little to insulting and outspoken. SOme  people may not like this but I like Melania his wife.  She speaks softly and sincere and she can.t answer for her husband.

I thought Michelle Obama was a beautiful first lady and I also think Melania is.  I am with Obama when he says some like to divide us.  I think all races should come together and and stop trying to get more than the other.  I think it just helps the haters when we have hate and jealousy  for each other.  Our country needs a little love and togetherness.  I think we are focusing to much on immigration like Obama says/  We need to talk and focus on other issues.